Jailbreaking My Phone

While jailbreaking used to be big back in the early days of the iPhone, overtime it has become less popular as Apple has integrated new features into iOS and made it more difficult to jailbreak in the first place. However, last week saw the emergence of a new exploit in iOS 13.5 that allowed for jailbreaking once again to occur on the iPhone. As a result of this new exploit I chose to jailbreak my phone in order to customize it to my hearts content.

Unc0ver to Checkra1n

The jailbreak that originally caught my attention was the unc0ver jailbreak that worked on the lasted version of iOS; which at the time was iOS 13.5. The tool was rather easy to use as instructions from their webpage along with numerous Youtube videos, so jailbreaking the phone was rather uneventful. However, the unc0ver jailbreak uses a software exploit in order to jailbreak iOS and as such, this means two things. The first is simply that Apple can easily patch the jailbreak exploit; this being something they ended up doing not even 48 hours later. The second is that the jailbreak drains battery and has worse performance.

So while the unc0ver jailbreak worked for me, I chose to switch to the hardware exploit jailbreak, checkra1n. Because my iPhone is older, this meant that I was able to simply download that checkra1n application onto my computer and use it to jailbreak my phone rather than the unc0ver exploit. So far, making the switch has resulted in better battery life and performance, so I am happy with my decisions.


After officially jailbreaking my phone, I installed some tweaks in order to make my life a bit easier and cleaner when it came to using my device. Primarily I installed skins to improve the look of my phone, while using some other tweaks to change the way that my music player looked, my dock, and my folders.

The one things that I am really proud of in terms of customizing my phone is my lock screen. Thanks to a widget called XenHTML users can write widgets using HTML and CSS. As a result, I was able to alter another users lock screen widget in order to get it the color and shape that I wanted. So while the time piece on my lock-screen isn’t completely original, I did play a part in designing it.

I just want to thank that jailbreaking community for providing so many different tweaks for free simply to share their love of iPhone customization.

Overall, this was a rather short overview of my jailbreaking experience, but I figured that it was interesting enough to share.



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